Social media as a tool

Social media can be a great tool. If you’re active in the right medias you can manage to build a considered image of yourself as an up-to-date expert. It can also offer you a chance to reach for other professionals and lead you towards new career opportunities. LinkedIn is the obvious service for that, and I guess almost everyone has a profile there these days. Many companies are also recruiting though social media channels. If you’re applying, it’s very relevant how your social media appearance looks like -they surely will check your profiles. So maybe better think twice, before posting anything controversial.

In addition to networking with others, for me social media is also a great tool for searching for inspiration. As a designer I like to follow certain brands, influencers and  hashtags like #ootd (outfit of the day) and keep myself updated about fashion trends by doing so. 2017-06-15 11.50.28 am
I have to admit that I especially love Nikewomen Instagram account. They post pictures and video clips of inspiring, powerful females – both athletes and regular women. They also bring up body positivity and diversity to their 6,8 million followers. Picture: screenshot from

Social media has a major role in fashion business. From a company’s point of view it’s not only about how to connect and interact with your clients. It’s also about how to react to what customers want. Most followed social media stars are big influencers and some items worn by them may sell out in a (metaphorical) minute. They are a big commercial force, and therefore collaboration projects with them are common in fashion field.

It is an default these days that a company should have a strategy for its social media appearance. Otherwise it just doesn’t seem very professional. If it’s done right, social media allows you to have a conversation with your customers, get feedback from them and to build your brand. I’m working as a designer in fashion business and these guidelines are very valid there too. I have some experience in posting content to my employer’s Instagram & Facebook accounts. It’s been very interesting to see how people like to interact with companies and how these channels can connect you with your customers. Since many services are going digital and people spend more time online, social media is a natural way in modern world to reach for your audience and to promote your brand. You just need to know the reason why you’re there and what you’re aiming for.

why-are-we-on-facebook-social-media-comicPrincipals of social media: know your goals! Picture:


There certainly is one example that pops in my mind instantly, when I think of a total social media disaster in a company level. That would be the incident in the United Airlines plane earlier this year. A passenger (who had bought a ticket) was removed from a plane by the airline’s security people, due to an overbooked flight. They used a lot of unnecessary force and the passenger got injured. Somebody took a video and it went viral – as a result United Airlines got in deep deep trouble. Probably their biggest mistake was that they immediately didn’t react and apologize, they kept quiet for too long and people got really upset. They had tons of negative publicity in all medias (including social), got sued and their stock fell. Social media can be totally bad too, if not handled well.




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